Meet Nightingail, the soft cooing pseudonym of Nashville-based songwriter Alicia Gail. Originally from Memphis, TN, Alicia’s music bleeds classic blues with her own personal spin on indie folk.

Her lyrical explorations are equal parts narrative and universal. Her haunting melodies evoke a sense of sorrowful optimism hidden within each song.

In her self-titled debut EP, Nightingail, Alicia infuses her most self-evident truths through her enamoring voice and stark compositions. While Alicia’s strength as Nightingail is undoubtedly her lyrical prose, her abilities as a musician pierce the veil of emotionalism. In turn, the combination of talent and perspective allows her to move seamlessly untethered through her music.

The freedom of movement brought about by Nightingail allows Alicia to arrive at her purest truths. Ultimately, Nightingail’s songs serve as picture of strength, showing heartache and joy as equal opportunities to grow.



Her effortlessly cool vocal delivery, over smokey twelve bar riffs was captivating start to finish. Nightingail had a way about her that just lent an authenticity to the music that not many get away with, and the ones that do tend to wind up being labeled as legends...
— No Country For New Nashville, 2017
                              LOCKELAND  SPRINGSTEEN

                            LOCKELAND  SPRINGSTEEN

                                   MOTHER CHURCH PEW

                                 MOTHER CHURCH PEW





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